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We are currently pausing our communion services due to current government guidelines. We will update this page when we are able to meet again.

What to Expect at a Communion Service

5. On Exiting the Building

Please do not stay long interacting with others even at a safe distance. We want to be respectful to our immediate neighbours showing we are keeping to the guidelines and our main priority is to keep everyone safe.

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Plan and Prepare

  • Capacity: up to 28 people for each meeting.

  • The windows will remain open for ventilation.

  • There will be no singing together.

  • There is no offering.

  • There is no child care provision.

  • No handshaking

If you need the toilet at any point before or after the service, only one will be available. Instructions will be clearly on display for you to read. This includes the request for you to clean it with the available equipment after your use.

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On the day

1. Outside the Building

Allow time to enter the building:

  1. Expect to form a queue as you arrive at the building.

  2. Keep a safe distance from others.

  3. No person will be allowed in after the service has started.

  4. You will receive a welcome at the door and will be asked for your name and contact details. We will be following standard GDPR practices with your information. We need this information to contact you if someone contracts the virus. If you book online, this will speed this process up.

  5. We will confirm with you on entry that you are in good health. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms please cancel your booking and let us know.

2. On Entry to the Building

  1. You will follow an orderly queue in to the building.

  2. On entry to the Church sanctuary, you will be able to collect a pre-filled, disposable cup with the wine and a ready prepared piece of bread which would have been cut from the same loaf. You may bring your own small, cup if you prefer and a jug of communion wine will be available for you to pour into your own cup. The bread pieces would have been prepared in either the church kitchen or a church member’s home. The person preparing this will have been wearing PPE i.e. gloves, mask, apron. If you’d prefer to bring your own piece of bread, you may do so.

  3. You will then be directed to a seat where you must remain for the whole time.

4. After the Service

  1. At the end of the service, please keep your face covering on. 

  2. You will be asked to remain seated until instructed to leave.

  3. If you would like someone to pray with you, please stay in your seat and someone will come and speak with you after the service.

  4. For prayer, please also note that we cannot guarantee privacy. We will not pray by laying hands on you either. We ask you to keep your face covering on.

3. During the Service

  1. As well as on entry in to the building, please make sure you are wearing a face covering during the service. Of course, to eat and drink, the face can be adjusted.

  2. Please remain seated the whole time on your assigned seat.

  3. If you start to feel unwell, please leave the building immediately and let us know.

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We really appreciate you keeping tightly to these instructions. It is for everyone’s good that this happens as described. Thank you for your on going prayerful support during this time.

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