This page was last updated 20th July 2021


‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

Haggai 2:9



Dear friends,


We’re ready to welcome you all back to in-person gathered worship!


From Sunday 25th July we will be offering a hybrid worship opportunity, and we want you to be there!


As previously communicated, our encouragement is to see the next few months as an invitation to gather in person again as we prioritise the practice of Gathered Worship, Gathered Witness, and Gathered Community.


What does that mean? It means we’re a Christian community that seeks to bring glory to Jesus in our worship and witness of him, together. Therefore, we’re being invited to gather in person to worship God; to enjoy Him with each other and invite others to join with us.


In light of our recent survey that we sent out, and in response to guidance given to us following the easing of restrictions from the 19th July in England, we plan to gather again from next Sunday at 10:30am but there will be some limitations in place.


We hope our approach will be one of humble confidence in God for what lies ahead, coupled with a Christlike pragmatism. In practice, we will be prioritising the most cautious and the most clinically vulnerable as well as being aware of those who are still waiting to be double jabbed. We will also have in our minds the fatigue of many who have served faithfully in the months previous and who are likely to be the same people leading the way in the next steps of reopening.


Our context is a simple one. For our building, we are a large congregation in a compact space. We need to bear this in mind to give confidence to those who are more concerned about returning to in-person gatherings because we want to communicate a message to everyone that says “we want you all to come and worship with us”.


Please check out our website for details of services offered from this Sunday and also plans for the summer months too – opportunities to deepen our friendships with one another and support each other in our witness in this community.


With this letter you should also have a list of FAQs as well as a What to Expect in Our Services handout. Please read this thoroughly so you know what to expect with regards to wearing face coverings and social distancing especially.


Here is the schedule from this Sunday morning:


9:30am - Sunday School (on Zoom)


10:30am - In Person gathered worship (including crèche and Sunday School). 


5pm - YouTube premier (An edited recording of the 10:30am service)


6:30pm - Virtual Lounge 


7pm - Prayer (on Zoom)


It may be the case that, having read the information, you’d prefer to stay online for now. We will continue to encourage people to engage as much as possible with the opportunities provided but appreciate that some may be more hesitant than others. Please feel at ease to make decisions that suit your personal context.


Please also keep up to date with changes that may have to be announced at short notice;  these will be on our website no later than the night before a Sunday service. Depending how things unfold, we may have to make adjustments and it will be difficult to share this message without your help.


Please also take the time to check out the summer social plans and the events that we hope will be a witness to the community.


As always, we invite you all to pray continually for the strengthening of the church and encourage you once again to trust wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ, submitting to his rule and reign in our lives, and serving him faithfully as he has been faithful to us.


Thank you in advance for your on going support. Please do contact us if there are other questions you may have.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon,


In Christ,




What do I need to do if I get COVID-19?


Please let us know. If you have attended a service in the building we will then contact everyone who sat near you. If you contract the virus from being in our building, please let us know so we can organise another clean.

Are refreshments available after the service and can I interact with others?


Yes. Refreshments are being served after the service with the encouragement to interact with others outside, weather permitting. We also ask that we be considerate of other people's personal space. Please avoid blocking pathways and limit interaction with other households as much as possible.

Are we required to give our contact information on entrance?


Yes. We need a name and contact telephone number so we can track who is using our building. By giving us your details, you can expect us to follow standard GDPR procedures.

Are chairs set up with the 1m+ rule in mind?


No. Aisles are wider but you can choose to sit away from others if this is what you prefer.

What about ventilation?


Windows and doors will remain open around the building to improve ventilation in the space.

What happens if I start to feel unwell in the service?


You will need to leave the building immediately.

Can I be sure others will respect my personal space?


We have a traffic light system in place which the Welcome Team will make you aware of when you arrive. We're hoping everyone will join in with this in the immediate so not to embarrass one another.

Can we sing together?


Yes. The recommendation is that we keep our masks on during this time.

Is Sunday school and crèche available?


Yes. Both are available.

Is the NHS Test and Trace QR Code available?


Yes, and we recommend we all use this and follow the instructions diligently.

If I don't feel well, can I still attend?


No. If you have any symptoms, please engage with the YouTube service instead.

Are we required to wear masks?


Yes please. Initially this is something we will ask of everyone when moving around the building. However, in the weeks ahead, as we all adjust we will leave this to personal choice.

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