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This page was last updated 1st April 2022

Due to the increased number of Covid cases within the community, we are advising that those who use our building make greater use of the facilities available to reduce risk of transmission i.e. hand sanitiser, face coverings as appropriate etc.


Even though this is something we will not be enforcing, we wish for people to be more aware of the risk of transmission at this time. 


Please continue to stay at home and engage online with the services if this suits or if you have any Covid symptoms. 


Please be assured that we are continuing to ensure the building is thoroughly cleaned between use and all Risk Assessments are being closely followed.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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What do I need to do if I get COVID-19?


Please let us know. If you have attended a service in the building we will then contact everyone who sat near you. If you contract the virus from being in our building, please let us know so we can organise another clean.

Are refreshments available after the service and can I interact with others?


Yes. Refreshments are being served after the service and we are holding a monthly Lunch on the first Sunday of the month. We ask that everyone is respectful of individual's social distancing preferences based on the lanyard they have chosen to wear. Details of this can be found on our 'What to expect' page. 

Are we required to give our contact information on entrance?


Yes. We need a name and contact telephone number so we can track who is using our building. By giving us your details, you can expect us to follow standard GDPR procedures.

Are chairs set up with the 1m+ rule in mind?


No. Aisles are wider but you can choose to sit away from others if this is what you prefer.

What about ventilation?


Windows and doors will remain open around the building to improve ventilation in the space.

What happens if I start to feel unwell in the service?


You will need to leave the building immediately.

Can I be sure others will respect my personal space?


We have a traffic light system in place which the Welcome Team will make you aware of when you arrive. It will be personal choice as to whether you would like to participate with this.

Can we sing together?


Yes. The recommendation is that we keep our masks on during this time.

Is Sunday school and crèche available?


Yes. Both are available.

Is the NHS Test and Trace QR Code available?


Yes, and we recommend we all use this and follow the instructions diligently.

If I don't feel well, can I still attend?


No. If you have any symptoms, please engage with the 10.30am live stream YouTube service instead.

Are we required to wear masks?

It is personal choice regarding mask wearing when in the building.

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