In light of government and BU advice, whilst recognising the need to protect the NHS and the most vulnerable in our communities, all our activities until further notice will be online.

We look forward to welcoming you at our online services on Sundays and our Connect groups through the week.

Don't forget we can also join a 24-7 prayer week this month and sign up to Alpha online. Check out this website for more information or contact the office.

Please be in touch if we can serve you in any way.

This was last updated on 6/1/21.

Currently, there are restrictions on meeting together in our church building. This is where we communicate the latest responses we are making to the advice we receive from the Baptist Union.


Below are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about the Communion service we have recently begun.

Why can’t we just reopen and go back to normal?


It is currently not safe to do so.

What do I need to do if I get COVID-19 soon after attending a service?

Please let us know. We will then contact everyone who sat near you. If you contract the virus from being in our building, we can organise another deep clean. 


Why are we not allowed to sing together?

Because of droplet transmission.


When can we reopen other activities in the church?


This is still unknown. Currently, we are only permitted to open for worship.

Will I have to wear a face covering?


What happens if I start to feel unwell in the service?


You will need to leave the building immediately.


Are we required to give our contact information on entrance?


Yes. We need a name and contact telephone number so we can track who is using our building. By giving us your details, you can expect us to follow standard GDPR procedures.


When can we expect child care provision to be back to normal?


This remains unknown. The usual crèche room can be available but we are unable to provide toys for sharing and we will still need to keep 2m distance away from each other. Parents and Carers can bring their own toys and books but these mustn’t be shared with other children. This is hard to oversee and so, for now, we’re unable to offer the usual child care provision.

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