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Join us for 7 days of prayer in 2021

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Today we pray for our schools, teachers, students and parents

Father, we pray for all places of education in our city. We thank you for the commitment of all staff to the educational needs of our children & young people, and for their resilience and energy throughout the pandemic. 


Give them patience, O Lord, to deal with all the changes and to be an incredible support to pupils who also are learning to adjust to different ways of learning. Help pupils to be motivated and do their best, even if from home and online. 


For students expecting to take exams in the summer, give them your peace and remove worry and anxiety from them. 


Comfort the pupils who are especially missing friends and routines, finding this time really difficult. 


Bless the parents, who are home-based and aiming to help and support their children in new ways, especially those for whom this doesn’t come naturally.  


For those whose university studies have been put into disarray, give them peace and guidance and let them trust in you for their future. 


In Jesus name, Amen.

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Today we pray for NHS staff & carers in care homes

Lord, we are so incredibly grateful for the hard work of the staff in our hospitals & care homes.

We know they are exhausted and we ask for you to empower them with energy and stamina each day. Protect their health, Father, as they come in to contact with patients/residents who are unwell with covid-19, especially as many will return to their homes daily, so we ask for your protection over their families, too.

Comfort those who have lost family members and colleagues, and thank you for the sacrifices of those who have selflessly cared costing them their lives to covid-19.

We give you praise for all the scientists who have worked relentlessly to produce the vaccines that are now becoming available and we pray for wisdom as these are rolled out to those most at risk.

We pray for an effective response, ultimately enabling the eradication of this virus.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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Today we pray for the most vulnerable and the most isolated

Thank you God, that you care for everyone and we are all important to you. 


We especially, today, remember those who are vulnerable such as our homeless and those living alone, with little support & help. 


Father, show their neighbours how they can practically help with shopping and meals, and help us to willingly see the need around us, so that we too can help those near or known to us. 


Replace fear with your peace and may these times be opportunities for people to recognise their need for you above all. 


For those lonely and unable to see family members, help them to have access to them through other means such as telephone calls or a letter, and give them peace to know their loved ones are safe and well.


In Jesus name, Amen.

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Today we pray for the sick and those who mourn

Father, we are staggered when we read of the numbers of people, of all ages, who have lost their lives to this virus over the past year. We grieve with those families even though most will not be known to us.

Thank you that as a compassionate loving God you know them, so please wrap your arms of love and care around them as they mourn. 

For those ill at home, help them to remain well enough to avoid hospital admission and to get well soon. For those requiring hospital admission, replace fear and anxiety with your peace both for them as well as families at home, unable to accompany them.


We pray for those ill in hospital, that they will respond well to the treatments given so that their bodies are able to fight this virus.


Give them patience as they recover, and may the long term effects some are suffering from come to an end.


Lord, would you bring complete and total healing in Jesus name, Amen.

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Today we pray for businesses and their employees

Dear Father God, we know this pandemic has had a huge effect on many businesses and industries.

We pray for those smaller companies that have not survived and ask for comfort for those who have seen their hard work over many years come to an end. Provide for their needs and help them we ask.


For those larger companies that have had the uncertainties of opening and closing due to lockdowns, but have managed to keep afloat. May they give you thanks and praise.


Thank you for the government furlough scheme which has enabled many people to still keep jobs in some form, and to be able to still provide for their families.

Father, we know that many people will now be unemployed due to this pandemic and we ask that you would provide for them, giving them the courage to look for other work, even in the light of redundancy.

Thank you Lord, for our supermarkets and hauliers, who have tirelessly provided what we need, as they too are exhausted. Continue to give them patience and energy, and keep them safe and well.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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Today we pray for local and national Government Leaders

Father in Heaven, you have placed those in power over us for such a time as this. 


Regardless of our political affiliations, we recognise the huge task set before them at this time, balancing the economy with the enormous health needs. 


O Lord, pour out your wisdom and enable them in decision making. 


For our Prime Minister and his cabinet, especially those helping them such as Professor Chris Whitty, give them courage to do what is right even if it may not be popular. 


Give wisdom to our local leaders here in Milton Keynes including our local councillors who influence decisions which directly affect us day-to-day.


In Jesus name, Amen. 

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Today we pray for the local church

Heavenly Father, this past year has been hard for us not to be able to meet with each other as we would normally. We thank you for technology which has enabled us to meet with one another, to praise you together and to learn new ways of worshipping you.

Thank you that you reside in our hearts not in a building. We give thanks for the opportunities we have had to reach people we may not have done otherwise and for the opportunities to join brothers and sisters in our wider Christian community online.

We know many have turned to prayer and tuned in to online services throughout this pandemic who wouldn’t have previously shown interest in matters of faith.

For those who have put their faith in Christ for the first time, we praise you and pray that their growth and hunger for you will increase. Give them courage to share with their friends & families the difference Jesus makes.

Give us all renewed priorities, a fresh passion and new creativity in how we love others. May we all grow in hope and joy each day, in Jesus name, Amen.