Core Values

Loughton Baptist Church is a part of the Baptist Union and support their statement of faith. 


We believe in Spirit led, sacrificial worship that takes place in every part of our lives.


We are committed to experiencing (and not merely believing in) the presence and power of the Holy Spirit today, eagerly desiring and using spiritual gifts.


This house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations. Our goal is to bathe everything in prayer, demonstrated by our total dependence on God for the outcome.

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The Mission of God in Jesus Christ overarches all areas of our life together. In practice this means everyone joining God where He is at work on our doorsteps, in our workplace, our city, our country, and globally.


We are committed to the absolute authority and accuracy of Scripture as we read it and apply it to our lives, even where it flies in the face of church tradition, contemporary culture or intellectual trends.


We are purposefully moving beyond superficial connections towards deeper relationships, encouraging one another to be like Christ in character and practice.


We are intentional in pursuing whole life discipleship, including the practise of stewardship, servanthood, and the pursuit of kingdom goals.


Sacrifice is a way of life as we aspire to be faithful to God in everything we do, striving for excellence, giving generously as God has given to us.

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Loughton Baptist Church is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1126607)