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Our prayers make a difference, join us on Sundays for prayer time at 7pm at LBC


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Each week of the month has a different focus:


Meet on the first Sunday of each month in God's 'Throne Room' to praise him.

On the second Sunday, join together in the 'War Room' as we intercede for our world.

On the third Sunday, join us in the 'Lounge' to linger in the presence of God, with musical accompaniment.



Would you like prayer for healing?


Join us on the last Sunday of each month in the 'Healing Room' to pray for those who are unwell.




These are difficult times, whatever your circumstances we would love to pray for you. 


We welcome you to join our prayer board so you can pray for the requests we receive, add your own requests so we can pray for you and add prayers of thanksgiving.


Please share anonymously or using your initials and we kindly ask that you do not share any contact information or personal details.

If you would like someone to pray with you over the phone please use the contact us form here.

For wherever you are on your journey of faith, the below resources are available whether looking as an individual or to share in a group.


Just Getting Started?


AlphaBible Project

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Sermon Archives

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