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What to Expect

On the day

  • No need to pre-book

  • The windows will remain open for ventilation.

  • There will be singing together and it is recommended to wear masks whilst singing. Masks and hand sanitiser are available at the Welcome desk. 

  • No space between chairs

  • There is a cash offering via envelopes that are available at the Welcome desk. 

  • There will be crèche facilities (ages 0-3) and Sunday school classes (ages 3+).

  • Toilets will be available.

  • Church Bibles will not be provided.

After the Service

  1. If you would like someone to pray with you, please go to the front of the church. Please note that we cannot guarantee privacy.

  2. Mask wearing is personal choice whilst in the building.

  3. Refreshments are being served after the service. Please go to the kitchen hatch to have your drink.

  4. We encourage you to interact with others to build relationships with one another.

  5. Avoid blocking pathways to ensure everyone feels comfortable. We also ask that we be considerate of other people's personal space.

  6. Join us for lunch on every first Sunday of the month!

During the Service

  1. Mask wearing is a personal choice.

  2. It is recommended to keep your mask on whilst singing.

  3. Windows and doors will remain open around the building to improve ventilation in the space at all times.

  4. The service will be live streamed on YouTube, so cameras will be on but will not show the congregation just those who lead.

  5.  Cash offering envelopes are available but electronic giving is encouraged.

  6. If you start to feel unwell will any symptoms associated with the virus, please leave the building immediately and let us know.

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On Exiting the Building

As we leave, it is recommended that we are sensitive to the space between us and others. We want to be respectful to our immediate neighbours too.


Children and Youth

Celebrate Jesus with our fun and interactive craft and Bible activities

Age 3 - Reception (Sparklers)

Every Sunday, 10.30am at LBC

School Years 1-6 (Explode)

Every Sunday, 10.30am at LBC

School Years 7+ (Neon)

Every Sunday, 10.30am at LBC.  Youth Group will continue 6.30-8pm at LBC.

For children aged up to 3 years old, there is a creche facility, accompanied by parents.

The service is linked to a screen in the room. 


Our work with children and youth is dynamic and keeps growing.

Check back here regularly to be kept up-to-date!


Watch this space for future events!

Join us every Sunday at 10.30am



In Person Service

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞

or watch live

Service on YouTube

Image by Jeremy Yap



Prayer Meeting at LBC

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Last Week

14th July 2024

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In Person Services

In Person Services

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Children and Youth
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